Les Kruger, Mill Valley

Michelle - I wanted to take a moment to extend our sincere thanks for a job extremely well done over the past year. We couldn't have wished for a better experience with a real estate agent on every dimension. Despite the extended time frame of our house search, you managed everything super efficiently, provided valuable perspective throughout and ultimately helped us find a killer spot. Everything you've done to help make arrangements for the work we needed prior to move in was totally above and beyond expectations, and highly appreciated given our situation. In a word, you rock.

Erin Sorcher, Mill Valley
"When I talk to someone who is looking for a home the first thing I ask is if they have a realtor. Why? Because I want everyone to have the great experience my family had. Over the course of two years, utilizing three different realtors all of whom were "recommended" we were still without a home. Within a month of working with Michelle we had found a place that we love and two kids later we are still here. The primary difference I found in working with Michelle was that she REALLY listened to what we wanted.  The other people we worked with had us constantly looking at listings that we had no interest in, what a waste of time. Michelle showed us three places total and the third was the home we bought. She is honest, smart, hard-working, knowledgeable and extremely efficient. I know several families with a range of budgets who have purchased homes with her and will categorically say the same. Michelle is exactly what the realty business needed and so did I.”

Victoria Einhorn, Mill Valley
“Michelle was our realtor when we moved in the Fall of 2008. We had found our dream house but had the enormous pressure of selling our house in order to finance the new house.  This all happened while the market was crashing. Michelle was there to expertly guide us through during a very exciting and stressful time.  She inspires such confidence in her professionalism.  Her knowledge of the business and market is impressive.  Besides being a  fearless negotiator she is nurturing and relaxed as she takes you through the process of buying and selling a house.  Michelle is the perfect Marin realtor as she knows this area so well and takes full advantage of all it has to offer. She is a highly principled realtor.  She is person who can be trusted completely to get the job done while she brings her blower to blow leaves off of the deck, moves your furniture, watches your kids when you need it, shows up with warm cookies while she holds the house open and does it all with ease and lightness.  She could not have been more available or more competent. I could not recommend her highly enough.
Hopefully we'll never move again but if we did we would use Michelle again and again.”

Gerry Hansen, Mill Valley
“Michelle provides exceptional personal service, is a true professional, has a no-pressure attitude and is very knowledgeable about our market.  She makes all the "processes" appear seamless.  She worked very hard for me on two sales and one purchase.   I can not think of anything that could have gone better in any of the three transactions.”

 Alex Russell, Corte Madera

 “Michelle really saved our butts. She was able to sell our home in a brutal market and she did it in under a month. An extremely nice and sharp lady.”

Robert Savala, Mill Valley
“Michelle nailed our sale in a tough market, got it closed in less than a month and got over asking....”

 Jamie Parr, Corte Madera

 "Michelle... You have already given us so much hope, because we forgot what a good realtor can do!  We have felt like we have been on our own for three years, and just the last 24 hours working with you have proven that we definitely were on our own. Hopefully this property works out of it is the right one for us, but if not, thank you for making us feel confident and having a little faith once again."